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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Divorce Tips

Today's blog entry is family law related.  Below are some tips put together by TSL Defense Attorney Ashley Tennison:

Divorce, legally known as Dissolution of Marriage, is a legal process with enormous social and personal consequences.  As Orlando, Florida Divorce Attorneys, we take pride in providing you with personal legal guidance and advice though out this tough time. We hope this bit of personal advice, based upon our observations, as attorneys, of the Divorce Process, will be of assistance to you.

When facing a divorce, one spouse often can feel unloved, rejected, betrayed. That spouse may be tempted to do things out of anger, distress, or frustration that will likely cause regret. The following Divorce tips can help you through a difficult time as you get your life back to a better place.
  1.  Assess you and your spouse’s financial life. What is the state of your finances? Are you aware of all the bank accounts? Are you aware of your spouse’s retirement account? What assets do you and your spouse have? What debts? Do you have copies of tax returns, W-2’s? Do you have investments? Is there a safety deposit box? Getting a handle on your financial life before proceeding with a Divorce will save you time, money, and grief.  Getting copies of statements, receipts, bills, deeds, and tax returns will prove to be necessary and very helpful.
  2. Assess yourself. What do you earn for an income? What is your earning potential? Do you need to build skills or education to work in a certain field?
  3. Assess what you need at this time to live separately. How much will your cost of living be? What can you afford? Don’t forget the cost of food, utilities, gas, and reasonable entertainment.
  4. What valuables do you own? Take stock of your valuable possessions that are worth $300.00 or more. Make a list, take photographs.
  5. Create a support group. Surround yourself with loving family and friends because positive vibes will help you regain joy. Think about seeing a counselor to help you cope with the stress and emotions.  Don’t take yourself out of everyday life, continue going to the gym, meeting with friends, calling family on the phone. Allowing people to support you at this time will make coping with stress and decision making easier.
  6. Treat yourself. Go to a gym, restaurant, or the mall. Make yourself important. This is the time to prove your spouse that it’s not your loss if they want a divorce. Take care of yourself. You will have down times, always praise yourself, don’t be down on yourself, and turn to your support group. Don’t blame yourself.
  7. Avoid a rebound relationship. Allow yourself to heal and grow. You will be able to tell when you are ready for a new relationship.
Most importantly, make sure the children are not placed in the middle. It is no secret that Divorce has a negative effect on children. Minimize their exposure to any fighting, difficult conversations with your spouse, or decision making on where they want to live and who they want to live with. Remember, the child is not leaving/ divorcing the parent, only you are divorcing your spouse.